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I live in a dense urban environment surrounded by apartments, taxis, etc., but I happen to live in a house with a wonderful backyard where we grow vegetables, fruit, and flowers in addition to a lawn I mow with a manual push mower. It’s winter now, but we still manage to find some joy in the garden with my “visual interest” plantings that may more signal lack of weeding. (I have a 5 month old, it’s hard to keep up).

I’ve been reading a lot about rural life and farming lately. Various things converged to make this happen. Anyway, there’s a lot of writing about the contentment that comes in connection to land and place, even if it appears to outsiders to constrict choice. I’ve never really read Wendell Berry before, but I’m going to start, because I think he has a lot of value to say about life in rural areas that comes from a more useful point of view than the bloviating in political discourse.

I don’t think technology entrepreneurs need to farmsplain rural life to people who live there, who aren’t all the same and don’t think all the same.

Creating (Functional) ILLiad URL Templates for Alma General Electronic Services

This is one of those things I wish had been Google-able when I was trying to figure this out. I can’t promise these cover all cases, but here’s what I’ve got.

Just as a note, the reason you need to have a separate rule for EBSCO and ProQuest is that they don’t send the journal title in the jtitle parameter. They use the title parameter, so you have to fake out ILLiad by putting the title in the jtitle, if that makes sense. I also had to make a special case for the database EconLit, which sends book citations with the bookitem parameter, so gets into the wrong ILLiad form.

Resource Type URL Template Service Availability Rules Service Availabity Rules Parameters
Books {ILLiad Base URL}&rft.genre={rft.genre}&rft.title={rft.btitle}&rft.stitle={rft.stitle}&rft.atitle={rft.atitle}&{rft.pubdate}&rft.month={rft.month}&rft.volume={rft.volume}&rft.issue={rft.issue}&rft.number={rft.number}&rft.epage={rft.epage}&rft.spage={rft.spage}&rft.edition={rft.edition}&rft.isbn={rft.isbn}&rft.eisbn={rft.eisbn}&{rft.aulast},{rft.aufirst}&rft.auinit={rft.auinit}&{}&rft.publisher={rft.publisher}&{}&rft.doi={rft.doi}&rfe_dat={rft.oclcnum}&rfr_id={rfr_id} Error with EconLit
Available for Books
rfr_id Contains EBSCO:EconLit isDisplay True | rft.genre = book isDisplay True
Articles {ILLiad Base URL}&rft.genre={rft.genre}&rft.title={rft.title}&rft.stitle={rft.stitle}&rft.atitle={rft.atitle}&rft.jtitle={rft.jtitle}&{}&{rft.year}&rft.month={rft.month}&rft.volume={rft.volume}&rft.issue={rft.issue}&rft.number={rft.number}&rft.spage={rft.spage}&rft.epage={rft.epage}&rft.edition={rft.edition}&rft.issn={rft.issn}&rft.eissn={rft.eissn}&rft.aulast={rft.aulast}&rft.aufirst={rft.aufirst}&rft.auinit={rft.auinit}&{}&rft.pubdate={rft.pubdate}&rft.pubyear={rft.pubyear}&rft.publisher={rft.publisher}&{}&rft.doi={rft.doi}&rfe_dat={rft.oclcnum}&rfr_id={rfr_id} jtitle Missing
Available for Articles
Available for Journals
rft.genre = article AND rft.title Is Not Empty isDisplay False | Available for Articles isDisplay True | Available for Journals isDisplay False
Articles from EBSCO and ProQuest, among others {ILLiad Base URL}&rft.genre={rft.genre}&rft.stitle={rft.stitle}&rft.atitle={rft.atitle}&rft.jtitle={rft.title}&{}&{rft.year}&rft.month={rft.month}&rft.volume={rft.volume}&rft.issue={rft.issue}&rft.number={rft.number}&rft.spage={rft.spage}&rft.epage={rft.epage}&rft.edition={rft.edition}&rft.issn={rft.issn}&rft.eissn={rft.eissn}&rft.aulast={rft.aulast}&rft.aufirst={rft.aufirst}&rft.auinit={rft.auinit}&{}&rft.pubdate={rft.pubdate}&rft.pubyear={rft.pubyear}&rft.publisher={rft.publisher}&{}&rft.doi={rft.doi}&rfe_dat={rft.oclcnum}&rfr_id={rfr_id} jtitle Missing
Jtitle Present
Not Available for Book Chapters
Available for Articles
rft.genre = article AND rft.title Is Not Empty isDisplay True | rft.jtitle Is Not Empty isDisplay False| rft.genre = bookitem isDisplay False | rft.genre = article isDisplay True
Book Chapters {ILLiad Base URL}&rft.genre={rft.genre}&rft.stitle={rft.title}&rft.stitle={rft.stitle}&rft.atitle={rft.atitle}&{}&rft.month={rft.month}&rft.volume={rft.volume}&rft.issue={rft.issue}&rft.number={rft.number}&rft.epage={rft.epage}&rft.spage={rft.spage}&rft.edition={rft.edition}&rft.isbn={rft.isbn}&rft.eisbn={rft.eisbn}&{},{rft.aufirst}&rft.auinit={rft.auinit}&{}&rft.publisher={rft.publisher}&{}&rft.doi={rft.doi}&rfe_dat={rft.oclcnum}&rfr_id={rfr_id} Error with EconLit

Available for Book Chapters

Not available for Articles

rfr_id Contains EBSCO:EconLit isDisplay True | rft.genre = bookitem isDisplay True | rft.genre=article isDisplay False

Margaret and Mike Explain Things to Me: an Introduction

Starting in December 2014, my husband Mike and I started a podcast loosely based on the “mansplaining” premise. Ok, we shamelessly appropriated the cover of Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me for our art. Other than that, we do a deep dive into a subject that one or both of us knows something about and try to be funny about it. We also discuss culture that we are loving, as well as internet culture in general. It’s not a particularly professional project, but we have fun. I want to go back and create posts for each episode, which will then be linked on this site. I have no idea how long that will take, but maybe it will happen someday.

In the mean time, listen to the show on Soundcloud, or subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcast tool.