Best Brochure Ever

sailSaid in comic store nerd from The Simpsons voice, of course.

Last week I went to Milwaukee and its greater metropolitan area to visit a friend. While she was busy during the day, Mike and I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. This is a gorgeous museum with an interesting collection. I also loved the museum shop, but then what museum shop have I not liked? (See: International Museum of Surgical Science).

They also have some excellent self-guided tours in brochure form. My absolute favorite was “I’m in a Hurry!” (PDF). This has a great balance between irreverent and serious, and really does highlight the general types of art in the collection. You can find PDFs of all their brochures here.

Reading this brochure inspired me to write very slightly cheeky copy on my handout on how to print double sided. Cause I mean we might as well be having fun while making smart printing choices.