Cats Staycation

My day in photos

My day started like any other– waking up, cleaning up a bit, ruminating on the class I taught last night and whether it went all right. Then things got weird.

First, I have crazy cats. For instance, this is where Nasturtium decided she wanted to hang out. Once she was up there, it wasn’t so great. She got down pretty quick and returned to her normal activities of sleeping and meowing at birds.

After this, I was hanging out around my apartment (I currently don’t work Thursdays, and was playing hooky from a meeting at work that I could have gone to, but wouldn’t have been paid for attending). Around 1 or so I got restless and decided to go for a walk to the dry cleaners to drop off some stuff, and then maybe around the neighborhood to the grocery store or the library.

Here’s where I ended up.

Yes, it is only 4.1 miles from my apartment to Diversey Harbor, and it is possible to walk right to the lake without turning or going much out of the way. My dirty little secret is that I love walking around Lincoln Park (the neighborhood). I also love open bodies of water, so this was an entertaining walk, and didn’t even take that long.


New members of the family

Last weekend we finally got our cats from the shelter. We’d picked them out a few weeks ago, but they had an illness and needed to stay in kitty hospital for awhile longer. They are about six months old, and thus the perfect blend of playful and trained, though I am working on training them in the proper use of the scratching post as opposed to the couch.

The boy is on the left in the picture, and his name is Fennel (he has just one white dot under his nose and is heftier). The girl is on the right, and her name is Nasturtium (she has two white dots under her nose). Obviously they are litter mates, and they also obviously like to hang out together. Seriously, how cute are they? They are a bit naughty, but only in a charming way. It’s great to have two little purr machines to visit with during the day, since I’m sort of resigning myself to being unemployed for the forseeable future.