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Update to last post

I might just be in love with the Remember the Milk plug-in for Google Calendar. This does what I need in a simple way, since before I was manually entering individual to-do items into my “all day” section on Google Calendar, and then typing “DONE:” before the item when it was done. This was pretty clunky, and I like my new system much better.

Non-productive productivity

Today, in between researching the legal and tax issues that go along with fiscal sponsorship (long story), I switched productivity software. I was using Next Action, I am now using Remember the Milk.

A lot of people will tell you not to do this, since it’s just a fancy way of wasting time. But it was a long time coming, and here’s my reasoning. Next Action, while being very small and convenient on one computer, isn’t at all mobile, since it runs purely off Google Gears based on your own computer. That worked for a long time for me, but lately I’ve needed something that will follow me around, since I’m having to accomplish more in more places. Clearly, a piece of paper is the simplest of all, but if I have to do the same thing at the same time each week, then a computer will do the boring work of writing it down for me.

I’m excited about Remember the Milk because while it is web based, it also runs off Google Gears for off-line access. It also has a variety of reminder systems, including SMS, which would be incredibly useful for me. I think it will be robust enough to do what I want but not onerous to set up. So there’s some productive productivity.

P.S. I did do my research before messing with productivity software, so in the end the most important thing for today did get done!

Why I Love Spring

Lots of times in the early morning I put on The Weather Channel, ostensibly to see the day’s weather, but partly because the morning anchors are kind of ridiculous, in the best tradition of morning anchors. Anyway, they kept promising to show a segment called “Why I Love Spring”, but I never saw it. They kept putting it off to talk about blizzards and floods in the Plains states. So I will have to make my own list:

  • Even if I might have not been doing such a good job with my productivity system last week or so, spring cleaning gives me a new influx of procrastinatory projects
  • I am busy at work now. This is great for my morale.
  • The light later in the evening makes me excited to go see friends. Thanks, Daylight Savings Time.
  • Since I wasn’t prepared for local eating (which I only got excited about in November), and it’s pretty much in between seasons now, I’m taking a break from trying to do that, and eating zucchini, butternut squash, new asparagus, and frozen peas all in one meal. (The peas were heated up.)
  • Even though some TV shows are getting close to season ending cliff-hanger territory, America’s Next Top Model is only getting started.

I promise to write a post that doesn’t involve the unordered list tag soon. I’ve been on a serious English lit kick, and also am all about reading Roman history and Shakespeare. Also the novels of Phillipa Gregory, but let’s not talk about that. Yet.