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OMG Gossip Girl!

Most of this year I wasn’t watching Gossip Girl, but I’m finally caught up. It took a few marathon sessions with my parents DVR, but I was able to watch the season finale tonight.

I won’t give away any secrets, in case you haven’t seen it yet (or, you know, don’t care), but mobile informatics was very important in this episode. Also, full sentences and plotting via the text message medium. I suppose I’m young enough that this completely makes sense to me, but I’ve only had an unlimited text message plan for a short time, and a Twitter account for an even shorter time.

One of the fascinating but also oddly troubling aspects of Japan for me is the cell phone novel– if you don’t know about this, it’s common for people, especially teenage girls, to write novels on their cell phones and publish them online. Some of them are also eventually published in book form. These follow a standard romantic formula and from what little I’ve seen, aren’t written that well. But they are a big deal.

I don’t know what it says about America that our version seems to be Texts From Last Night.

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