Winning at tomatoes

So, it’s Memorial Day weekend. While thinking of solemn things, we Americans of the Midwest traditionally plant our tomato plants. In non-urban areas, it’s not safe from frost until now (in an urban heat island, Mother’s Day is plenty late). However, I don’t have to do this. We only have one tomato plant, and as of today I can report that it has one green tomato and many flowers!

There are two reasons for that. One, we planted it in our own version of an Earthtainer. Two, we planted it weeks ago, hoping that the combination of a planter and urban heat island would keep it safe from cold temperatures. That seems to have worked, and it’s doing really well. Most of the other plants are also doing well, though I believe the nasturtiums have too much nitrogen in the soil since they are all leaves and no flowers.

In two weeks we start getting vegetables from our CSA, and then hopefully can transition to doing most of our eating locally and/or sustainably for the summer. We’ll see how it goes.