Internet Libraries

Back from vacation

I went to New York City last weekend, and then came down with a cold. Airplanes and lots of walking can do that.

I’d never been to New York City before, but always have been a fan of the city. Finally going there was incredibly exciting in the way that going to a long admired place always is- seeing the places you’ve read about, living the local lifestyle, and finding out things you didn’t know or expect. I’ll put up some pictures once I manage to reboot my life from being sick and at the same time working a lot.

On a completely different subject, this post by Meredith Farkas describes my feelings exactly. This post is about the dangers of relying on free or outsourced web 2.0 applications for important library functions, and I would suggest that it applies equally to individuals. If you completely rely on other companies or people for your technology solutions, it’s more likely than not that you will run into trouble. The lowered learning curve of web 2.0 is great for starting out, but if it really does get to the point of being essential, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about ways that you can take control of the technology. Maybe it’s putting it on a local server rather than a remote server, backing up data, or coming up with a Plan B for what you’ll do without that service.