New computer in the works

So I finally did it. After months of thinking about building my own computer (and years of knowing it was probably time to start thinking about getting a new one), I ordered the parts today. I’m not sure that I actually saved any money in doing so, but one imagines that it will be a Valuable Learning Experience. We’ll see sometime next week.

A few years ago I took a class where the end result was to refurbish and network computers for labs in East St. Louis, which required working with donated and often not working parts. From that experience I know that I am capable of building a computer, and I am also confident that it will be a lot easier to work with all new parts. In the lab when we were refurbishing the computers we spent a lot of time digging through boxes of spare parts trying to find a working part in the correct size.

Wish me luck!

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Josh will be so excited when I give him this news. He is doing an “upgrade creep,” although it seems to be chugging along at a more accelerated pace than I anticipated. He’s nearly done with his machine. I’m sure it will be a simple afternoon project for you, and hopefully you will reap the benefits for a few years.

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