One of those weeks

This week I’m a mover/reviewer/reader/interviewee/photographee/supervisor/tech supporter/teacher/etc. I also got the news today that my poster presentation for ALA was accepted. I won’t say what my topic is just yet, because it’s a classified secret. No, actually, it’s pretty mundane. But there are Contingencies, so I’d rather keep it to myself for now.

If you haven’t seen elsewhere, my husband has been recording podcasts for the Chicago Underground Library, with some technical direction from me. I know about things like Skype, microphones, how to work Audacity, XML, and the other things that make podcasts work from a technical point of view. He knows about art, music, community, and being funny which make podcasts work from a human point of view. His latest effort is up, and it chronicles some really interesting musical projects in Chicago, including an archive of street sounds, which is really cool.