Some Web 2.0 love

In case you didn’t see it in the comments on yesterday’s post, Andromeda Yelton made an interactive version of my library Madlib . I am guessing she found out about it from Twitter, via social networks created by a combo of web 2.0 and humanity 1.0.

Speaking of that, this week will, hopefully, be the week that I get some stuff figured out about the Chicago Underground Library website, including some actual social network/media strategies, how to stop getting inexplicable error messages, and how to not say naughty things in French. Nell and I are presenting our latest iteration at Code4Lib 2011 next month, but there are way too many loose ends that I (and probably no one else) sees for comfort. Not to mention that the eagle eyed library coders will spot some, ahem, kludges.

In one final, and unrelated note, I had exactly one social media new year’s resolution which I have broken about a million times in the last two weeks. But I have done so well at my professional development and personal fitness resolutions that I won’t worry about poor self-control in a relatively harmless realm. After all, we humans have finite willpower. Thanks, science!