Social Networking the Catalog: LITA National Forum 2011 Presentation

Lots of excitement this past weekend as I was able to present the Read/Write Library (in the process of changing names from Chicago Underground Library) at the 2011 LITA National Forum. I talked about our new model, our plans for the future, and our catalog, which is a social network of books and ideas rather than a traditional catalog.

Even more exciting: the presentation won the “Risky Business” contest, as the project that most exemplified risk-taking and experimentation. I am honored by how nuts everyone thinks we are.

On the matter of slides, you will find that I am all over the place on where these things are posted. I hope to make this somewhat more streamlined in the future, but for the moment:

You will note that the slides do not have a CC label on them, but they are also a BY-NC-ND, cause I’m a jerk like that. They do contain copyrighted and trademarked images for which I have no permission if we are to consider it carefully, and so I would like to encourage everyone to rely on the text if you care to cite me. These are posted on the ALA Connect site for LITA, and will shortly be posted on Dominican’s IR as well.

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I don’t think you’re nuts at all. I think you have a really good idea for a library model that may very well survive the impending ebooks revolution that’s going to force libraries to change drastically or disappear.

P.S. You had my vote. 🙂 Congratulations!

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