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I have about 10 drafts saved in WordPress by now, but I have a hard time even wrapping my mind around WordPress after spending 5 or 6 hours today listening to Drupal podcasts while doing everything else I do on my days off.

These drafts fall into several categories: little stories about things I used to do in previous jobs; reviews of web 2.0 services; and short essays on things I’ve been thinking about (to be read, I suppose, in an Andy Rooney voice). They all need some polishing, but I think I need to make an effort to clear out the draft backlog. So look forward to that, I guess.

In other news, I don’t know what I’d do without Lullabot. And Wikipedia, if we’re being honest. Right now, and over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to pack in as much as possible about everything on the technology side of web development into my brain. Theory comes whenever the books all come in from the library, but I think the waiting list is still pretty long. Not that I don’t know anything about web development–this site looks pretty great, no–but I’m trying to make sure my knowledge is current. So this is making my brain a very weird place right now, and my personal WAMP server a very busy place.

New computer in the works

So I finally did it. After months of thinking about building my own computer (and years of knowing it was probably time to start thinking about getting a new one), I ordered the parts today. I’m not sure that I actually saved any money in doing so, but one imagines that it will be a Valuable Learning Experience. We’ll see sometime next week.

A few years ago I took a class where the end result was to refurbish and network computers for labs in East St. Louis, which required working with donated and often not working parts. From that experience I know that I am capable of building a computer, and I am also confident that it will be a lot easier to work with all new parts. In the lab when we were refurbishing the computers we spent a lot of time digging through boxes of spare parts trying to find a working part in the correct size.

Wish me luck!