What not to blog

I don’t know how people looked for jobs before the internet, but I bet they used the same stalling techniques I like to use (spying on people in a busy and occasionally dangerous city neighborhood is one of my favorites–it’s “sociology”). One thing that I’ve noticed a lot through looking for a job on the internet is that people can be very indiscreet with “OMG no one will ever hire me” blog posts, or “OMG I’m so misunderstood” forum posts. It’s long been known that you should not post evidence of your criminal activities on MySpace. My feeling is that I’m pretty good at finding nutty stuff people have put on the internet, and I personally have not hired people for their nutty stuff put on the internet. Hopefully I’ve not broken my own rules too many times.

I’m going to read this white paper pretty soon, but I’m too scared for right now.