Enough to get in trouble

In my continuing efforts to not go crazy while seeking a meaningful job in my chosen career, I’ve been studying Spanish. Mike is joining me on this, but he has the not unimportant distinction of already having taken Spanish, so I treat him as my resident expert. We’ve only completed two lessons in the textbook, but I’ve learned enough to be able to begin eavesdropping on everyone in my neighborhood. This was my major goal, since after all, I know enough Romance languages to make out signs.

For instance, the other day on the bus, a woman was enthusiastically talking to a man, and I assumed they were friends. But then when she got off the bus, she said “Mucho gusto!” to him. I turned to Mike and asked, “So when that lady said ‘Mucho gusto’, did that mean they just met on the bus, or could you say that other times?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

This is where him being my resident Spanish expert gets me into trouble. Afterward, I looked it up, and it seems that they really did just meet on the bus.

I should try to mind my own business, but my own business is kind of dull right now.

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I didn’t know that, but it’s not really causing me any problems, and now it’s as taken care of as it can be.

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