Relating to Gossip Girl on a personal level

I started watching Gossip Girl because it followed America’s Next Top Model last year, and Megan and I got hooked. Once mobile informatics entered thanks to a certain up and coming young librarian at U of I, we could view it as an honest intellectual pursuit. It helped that the New Yorker can’t stop talking about it.

And while I have always enjoyed the Jamesian (Henry, of course) aspects of the show, the lives of Upper East Side high school students living in a fantasy world of cocktails after school and trust funds do not, as a rule, have anything to do with my own life. But now there is something that I can root for beyond the Blair/Serena reconciliation. Jenny will be homeschooled so that she can pursue her career in fashion. Now there’s some sound thinking, and it only took Lily van der Woodsen cum Bass showing some cleavage to make it happen.

Now I hope they don’t make Jenny into an immediate sociopath, though according to an interview I read with Josh Schwartz, she may very well become the Bad Girl that she is in the books (which I haven’t made it through, though the New Yorker tells me that they are Tolstoy-esque).

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Really? Gossip Girl is Tolstoy-esque? I had no idea that this show was actually good. If I hear it from you, I believe it; before I just heard it from ridiculous advertising and a few people whose opinions might not be the most sound. Thanks for the tip. I may have a new show to download.

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