Changing it all around

So… I now work at a different place with a different job title and a very different commute. What’s new with you?

My November writing more or less went by the wayside when I was offered, spent a week thinking about, and ultimately accepted a job as Digital Services Librarian at Loyola University. Chicago. I’ve been at the new job for four days now. It’s been six days since my last day at Dominican. I think my head is still spinning from making all these changes so quickly. I didn’t start off 2012 with any plans to change jobs. In fact, this was the only job I’ve applied for in nearly three years. I’ve always wanted to to work at Loyola. You would want to work here too if you saw the view from the library. Not to mention there are great academic programs and excellent faculty with whom I am looking for to working.

And with this hopefully brings a return to more blogging. I’ve been doing nothing but writing lately it feels like, but not much publicly. Lots of new things to learn and explore, and so I’ll be back.